Division Director of the Month, Tom Iland

Congratulations District 52’s Division Director of the Month Tom Iland, DTM. Tom will be able to showcase the Traveling Trophy during the month of November. Outstanding job Division F team!  Be sure to congratulate Tom when you see him!

Congratulations to District 52 Smedley Award Winners!

Kudos to the District 52 Smedley Award winners. The award is in honor of Ralph C. Smedley (February 22, 1878 – September 11, 1965),  the founder of  Toastmasters International.

The  clubs that added five new, dual, or reinstated members between August 1 and September 30 below will receive a TI gift certificate.

  • C 34- Los Angeles Toastmasters Club 
  • E 54-Downtown L.A. Toastmasters 
  • C 32- Burbank Toastmasters
  • A 11- Warner Center Toastmasters 
  • B 23- Outliers Toastmasters Club


District 52 and Challengers Toastmasters’ Genein Letford is on the October 2017 Toastmasters magazine.  

Club Membership – Pay Dues Now

From the Desk of the Club Growth Director

The following clubs were successful in the Beat the Clock membership building contest by adding 5+ new, dual or reinstated members. Congratulations and thank you! 

  • Burbank Toastmasters
  • Renaissance Speakers
  • Woodland Hills Toastmasters
  • Dynamic Speakers of Northridge
  • ToastMousters
  • City West Toastmasters
  • City Masters 1
  • CityMasters 2
  • Health Net Toastmasters
  • Neuro Orators Toastmasters Club
  • L.A. Care Toastmasters 1
  • Voces de Los Angeles Toastmasters
  • Foothills Community Toastmasters Club
  • Valley Stars Toastmasters
  • Agoura Articulates

Congratulations Marcia Bruce Bush – District 52 Toastmaster of the Year!

District 52’s Theme for 2017-2018: Embrace Challenges and Seize Opportunities!

Welcome to the new 2017-2018 Toastmasters program year!

Congratulations to all members and clubs that completed their goals for the year ending on June 30. The focus now is on the year ahead.

My theme for the year is “Embrace Challenges and Seize Opportunities!” I chose that theme because Toastmasters D52 offers members many opportunities to prepare for life’s challenges – and the opportunity to grow that accompanies each of those challenges – both personally and professionally. Great opportunities don’t come everyday – recognize and seize them every chance you get.

On behalf of the entire D52 leadership team, I wish all of you and your clubs every success this year. We will do everything in our power to help you succeed.

Kathleen Lubin, DTM
District 52 Director







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