Area/Division Director Training Sessions

SESSION 1: Develop Successful Teams 

Area and division directors serve as liaisons between districts and clubs; to accomplish all the responsibilities of these important roles, they depend on the teams they build. The effectiveness of these teams is a reflection of the area and division directors’ ability to lead and motivate. Area and division directors lay the groundwork for effective teamwork by creating and maintaining a team agreement at the beginning of their terms. In this session, area and division directors examine a team agreement and discuss motivation and conflict-resolution techniques to keep their teams strong and productive.  Materials needed: Toastmasters International District Recognition Program (Item 1490) which was mailed to each area and division director.   Slides: 206BP Develop Successful Teams.ppsx

SESSION 2: Enhance Club Quality 

Part of the district mission is to enhance the quality and performance of clubs. As district leaders, area and division directors perpetuate this mission. Members are drawn to and stay in clubs that foster an environment of mutual support and enrichment. Area and division directors support clubs in creating this environment by soliciting club needs and offering perspective and knowledge. In this session, area and division directors consider how to gather information about clubs and identify ways to enhance their quality and performance. Slides: 206CP Enhance Club Quality.ppsx

SESSION 3: Establish and Support New Clubs

As district leaders, part of area and division directors’ mission is to extend the network of clubs. New clubs allow more people access to the benefits of Toastmasters. An important responsibility of area and division directors is to establish and support new clubs. In this session, area and division directors identify the requirements for establishing clubs so that they will be able to take advantage of club-building opportunities. Slides: 206DP.ppsx

SESSION 4: Conduct Quality Speech Contests

Area directors oversee area speech contests, and division directors oversee division speech contests. When area and division directors have a good understanding of
the contest process, rules, and resources, the contests’ quality is enhanced. The roles that area and division directors play in speech contests vary by district. In this session, area and division directors learn how to find answers about contests using the 
Speech Contest Rulebook (Item 1171) Free to download at  and discover other resources so that they are equipped to oversee speech contests in their areas and divisions. 

Speech Contest Judges Training (Item 1190) Free to download at 

Slides: 206EP Conduct Quality Speech Contests.ppsx

SESSION 5: Thrive in the District Recognition Program

The focus of the District Recognition Program is on club quality and the member experience. Area and division directors play an essential role in earning Distinguished recognition for the district, division, and area, beginning with the club. In this session, area and division directors examine how Moments of Truth and the Distinguished Club Program serve as the foundation for the District Recognition Program. They learn how to create success plans based on their area and division Distinguished goals and how to track progress toward those goals. 

Serving Clubs through Visits  (Item 219) Free to download at 

Slides: 206FP Thrive in the District Recognition Program.ppsx

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