District 52 Public Relations Resources

2017-2018 District 52 Public Relations Resources

These Toastmasters are available to help you answer questions you may have about Public Relations or Social Media.

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Promoting Your Event:

We encourage you to use District 52 for your open houses, special speakers, training programs and competitions.   We try to put a post up in 24 hours.  Whoever submitted it will get a confirmation email with the link to the content.

  1. Plan ahead, submit at least two weeks before your event
  2. Provide the subject line and content
  3. Be sure to say WHERE, WHEN, SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS, and HOW MUCH the meeting is
  4. Any graphical content must be supplied as a JPG or PRN file.  PDF’s are only seen as LINKS at the website where a JPG shows the graphic.  We can post the JPEG and link it to your PDF to allow the user to download your material.
  5. Provide a link to your club web site, Facebook, Meetup or other social media and we will include these link to help users connect or join your groups.

We do not post normal club meetings content or individual promotional material.   The District Leadership reserves the right to publish or not publish content.

Send your event details to webmaster@district52.org along with your phone number in case we have a  questions.


District 52 has two Facebook locations:

The Official District 52 Facebook Page is District 52 Toastmasters Events & Workshops and can be found at this link: District 52 Toastmasters.   Here you will find District Business and content designed to tell you about our district, upcoming events, or information directed to club leadership.  Please LIKE this page and then you will get content relative to the district in your Facebook feed.  This page is closely controlled by our Public Relations team. 

We also sponsor a Facebook Group.  This is called Toastmasters District 52 and can be found at this link:  Toastmasters District 52   In this Group, you have to ask to join, then you can participate in the feed and post club events.  Requests to join are normally approved within 24 hours.  The group is where we share the positive things about our club or even about ourselves.  For instance, if you just received your CC, post your certificate and let us celebrate with you.  This Group is open to all posts regarding Toastmasters.  Post your clubs special meetings or other special Toastmaster event.  

We do have rules.  Personal or business promotions or anything deemed inappropriate will be removed.  If you see content that is inappropriate please send a message to Elizabeth Gilbert at PRM@District52.org.   


District 52 has a LinkedIn Group.  Join this group and add it to your Profile Groups.  As a member your welcome to start conversations and engage other District 52 Toastmasters.   You can find the District 52 LinkedIn group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7045059

You have to request membership in the LinkedIn group and this normally takes up to 24 hours to be activated.

Group Rules:  Toastmasters International Mission: We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.
District Mission: We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

This is a professional development and discussion group for Toastmasters District 52. Its purpose is to educate our members, encourage discussions relative to communications and leadership, and to help notify members about upcoming events within District 52. You do not have to be a District 52 Toastmaster to participate.

The rules are: Be nice. Bring value to the discussions. Be helpful. Encourage one another. Highlight trends. Share case studies and resources.

If all you do is show up and drop links to your own webinars, blog posts or job info, expect to have your items flagged “Promotion” or “Jobs.” ANY Group member can flag items, and should feel free to do so. Self-policing is the most effective way to keep spammers at bay.

Keep self-promoting, and you’ll get a private warning from the Group Manager. Keep doing it after a warning, and we’ll block you from the Group.

Obviously, if you roll in here with abusive, sexist, racist or otherwise obnoxious language, you’ll get blocked.


You can follow District 52 on Instagram at District52TM, the link to this is:  https://www.instagram.com/district52tm/

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