Looking for a way to add life to your club? Better Speaker Series, Successful Club Series and Leadership Excellence Series. ‘ These modules add variety to your club routine, provide valuable insight to the members and allow presenters to enhance their skills. Use them as “pocket” speeches! If digital downloads don’t work, you may need to be logged into Toastmasters International to grab these fabulous resources free of charge.


Better Speaker Series

The Better Speaker Series modules are designed as 10-15 minute educational speeches to be given in your club. They give practical tips that can be of benefit to all members. Fulfills Advanced Communication Silver (ACS ) requirement. A complete set of The Better Speaker Series modules, including outlines and PowerPoint presentations.


Leadership Excellence Series

The Leadership Excellence Series helps members learn the skills they will need to be successful leaders inside and outside Toastmasters. Fulfills Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) requirement. A complete set of The Leadership Excellence Series modules, including scripts and PowerPoint presentations.

The series includes:

Successful Club Series

Modules in this series address the quality of club meetings and offer tips on attracting and maintaining members. Fulfills Advanced Communication  Sliver (ACS)  and Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) requirements. A complete set of The Successful Club Series modules, including outlines and PowerPoint presentations.

The series includes:

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Promotional Brochures and Fliers

Some of these are available in print for free. But all are available as digital downloads.

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Club Officer Training Materials

While intended use is for District level training of officers, review of these materials as an aspiring or current club officer is valuable. Reviewing these does NOT count towards being trained as a club officer. Club Officer training that counts towards a club’s Distinguished Club Plan (DCP) point requires physically attending a scheduled training.

Vice President EducationDownload
Vice President MembershipDownload
Vice President Public RelationsDownload
Sergeant at ArmsDownload


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