New Club? How to Utilize FreeToastHost Websites

FreeToastHost Websites

This page is a summary designed to get you started setting up a website for your Toastmaster club.   Every open club in District 52 is encouraged to have a website and FreeToastHost is probably the easiest and fastest way to develop your website.   It is completely free to all toastmaster clubs.  It does not require programming skills to set up, although familiarity with concepts like keywords and domain names will be helpful.

Note: Toastmasters International nor District 52 are not affiliated with FreeToastHost nor does TI  provide technical support for their website. It is a free resource tool that is owned and managed by a 3rd party and is offered to Toastmasters clubs around the world through the Toastmasters International website as a courtesy. Please use the following information to assist with accessing the site or addressing any issues with FreeToastHost.

The following video is an excellent introduction to the FreeToastHost website by Steve James.   

 Links to Workshop Videos:

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