Starting A New Club

Building New Clubs

One of the most stimulating and rewarding ways to introduce the Toastmasters program to more people is by forming new clubs in our district. Every district’s goal is to build one new club per area each year.



Toastmasters clubs meet at corporations, churches, colleges, community centers and even in restaurants.

Ready to start a new club? It’s easier than you think. Find out how. Contact Erik Fonseca at or 661-284-5970

If your organization looking to build leaders from within, then now is the time to find out how to sponsor a club ( ) and why thousands already have.

District 52 Toastmasters leaders  will meet with your organization to determine your needs and show you how Toastmasters can help.

Applicable Fees:

  • $135: One-time chartering fee
  • $22: New-member fee per person
  • $45: Six months’ membership dues per person
  • Additional dues: Clubs may also charge supplementary club dues to cover expenses.

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Starting a New Club

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