Nominated Candidates for 2019-2020

2019 District Leadership Committee (DLC) – Final Report

Elected Leader Positions: Nominated Candidate:
Division Directors Division A David Ballantine, ACS, ALB
Division B James Kearney, LD1
Division C Marcia Iturbe, ACS, ALS
Division D James Park, IP1
Division E Floor Candidate
Division F Maurice DiMino, ACB, AS
Senior Directors District Director (DD) Agnes Lewis, DTM
District Director (DD) Serena McCullough, DTM
Program Quality Director (PQD) Circe Denyer, DTM
Club Growth Director (CGD) John Murray, DTM

Kathleen Lubin, DTM, Immediate Past District Director
District 52 Leadership Committee Co-Chair 2018

Report Completed:
Thursday, March 21, 2019

District Leadership Committee
The district director shall appoint the district leadership committee chair no later than October 1. The remaining committee members shall be appointed no later than November 1 and shall consist of no fewer than five members. The committee shall operate under the procedural rules adopted by the Toastmasters International Board of Directors for the selection of candidates for the elective district offices. The committee’s results shall be reported in writing to the district director no fewer than six weeks before the district council’s annual meeting. The district director shall submit the district leadership committee report to the members of the district council at least four weeks prior to the annual meeting.

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