Speech Contests

Why Enter a Club Speech Contest?
  • To have yet another opportunity to learn and grow as a speaker
  • Another way of learning and growing. Win or lose in a contest we become a better person.
  • Determine how far you have come as a speaker
  • Improving skills.
  • Get out of and stretch a person’s comfort zone. 
  • To gauge one’s ability in a wider venue than a typical club speech would allow
  • Validate skills and abilities through a varying audience.
  • Speaking in front of a larger audience. 
  • Because it’s fun! It really is!
  • All the skills learned in our respective clubs are tested in competition!
  • The energy you receive from the audience.
  • Lessons. Every time a person competes, they learn. About human nature, the nature of competition, subtleties of performance, what a person is capable of, new and better ways to prepare, more about the friends who support me.
  • I compete to see if I can surpass my previous attempts.
  • Impact. Crafting a message and performance that impacts the audience deeply and provides profound value to them.
  • Excellence. Achieve a level of performance that is best in the world. Speaking under pressure, and challenging yourself to be even better than you think you could be.
  • Sharing a message you truly believe with an audience that needs to hear it.
  • Meeting other strong speakers, and learning from their styles.
  • Refining a speech, making it better every time you deliver it.
  • Giving a speech to different audiences, from club up to district.
  • Speaking in front of large and unfamiliar audiences.
  • Developing and perfecting entirely new speeches if you win at district and then again at region – and doing them in a relatively short period of time.
  • Handling defeat gracefully, which all of us except one person – the ultimate winner – will have the opportunity to do. 
  • For those who are competitive: the win, to be the best, take home the trophy and have bragging rights 

Interested in competing?

What do you need to qualify:
For Table Topics – no need to qualify. ANYONE at ANY Level can compete.
For International Speech – 
Traditional Program: Complete 6 speeches  in the CC manual 
Pathways: Completed Level 2
Club Contests: Held in February

To find out when your club contest is please reach out to your club officers. 

 Area Contests: Held in March
To find out when they are being held, contact your Area Director here:   https://district52.org/district-leadership/
Or, look at our calendar: https://district52.org/calendar/
Division Contests: Held in April
To find out when they are being held, contact your Division Director here:   https://district52.org/district-leadership/
Or, look at our calendar: https://district52.org/calendar/
District Contest: May 4, 2019
 Interested in being a judge
Contact District Chief Judge, Jeff Harman at: ChiefJudge@district52.org
Interested in helping out at the District Conference
Contact District Program Quality Director at pqd@district52.org
Interested in advertising in the Conference booklet
Contact District Program Quality Director at pqd@district52.org