High Performance Leadership

The High Performance Leadership project helps you develop your leadership skills on a project of your choosing. The program consists of five parts offering instruction and practice in such vital leadership areas as:

    • Developing a mission and vision
    • Goal-setting and planning
    • Identifying values
    • Building a team

As you work with a guidance committee on your project, you receive feedback on your leadership skills at each of the following steps:

    • Learning About Leadership
    • Choosing Your Objective
    • Winning Commitment to Your Objective
    • Working the Plan
    • Analyzing and Presenting Results

The project may be completed within your Toastmaster club, area or district or even within your company or community.

Completion of a High Performance Leadership project fulfills one of the requirements for Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) award. 

The chart below lists the parts of the High Performance Leadership project. Click on the titles to see the steps involved in an individual part.

Learning About Leadership

    • Assess your knowledge of leadership
    • Assess your leadership skills
    • Develop list of leadership projects to be discussed with guidance committee
    • Recruit a guidance committee
    • Meet with guidance committee and select project

Choosing Your Objectives

    • Describe your vision
    • Write your mission statement
    • Define you core values
    • Plan speech about vision for presentation to your club
    • Review your plan and speech with your guidance committee
    • Present speech to the club

Winning Commitment

    • Recruit your action team
    • Reach agreement on vision, mission and core values
    • Create an action strategy
    • Identify key result areas
    • Set goals and deadlines for each and assign responsibilit
    • Create Action Plan
    • Meet with your guidance committee

Working the Plan

    • Review progress against action plan
    • Identify and overcome any problems
    • Handle interpersonal conflicts
    • Re-evaluate overall plan
    • Get feedback from team about your leadership
    • Reassess leadership skill
    • Meet with your guidance committee

Analyzing and Presenting Your Results

    • Analyze the final results of your project
    • Meet with your guidance committee to review
    • Present your project results as a 5 – 7 minute speech
      to your club